Arrested in his undies: Viral video


A MAN suspected of breaking into houses in Townsville has been arrested by citizens and made to say ‘drugs are bad’ and ‘don’t break into houses’. He was taken away by police wearing only underwear.

Footage posted on social media by Townsville man Tyson John shows the citizen’s arrest taking place.

Numerous people are shown restraining the man who is wearing only black Bonds underwear.

“This is what happens to little b—h a–e boys who want to try break into houses and f–k with our s–t,” a man says in the video.


“You got anything to say to the rest of Townsville mate?” he asked the suspect.

“Drugs are bad,” the man responded.

“And don’t break into houses?” the suspect was asked.

“Don’t break into houses,” he responded.

Police then handcuffed the man and took him away.

A cricket bat was seen next to the suspect.

It’s believe the incident took place over the Australia Day weekend but the time and location have not been revealed.

“In his jocks too, what a shame,” the videographer said.

“In his jocks! They look they haven’t been washed in ages.”

A man is held down after a citizen's arrest in Townsville on the Australia Day weekend. Photo contributed

A man is held down after a citizen’s arrest in Townsville on the Australia Day weekend. Photo contributed

It’s the latest citizen’s arrest in Townsville after an alleged jewel thief was stopped by a man at CastleTown Shopping Centre on January 14.

Townsville man George Mackenzie was at the shops 12.30pm when he saw the 27-year-old Kelso man run from Wallace Bishop Jewellers with an expensive ring and two gold chains.

Acting Inspector Graeme Paine said recently the legality surrounding citizen’s arrests was governed by common law and any force used needed to be reasonable in nature.

He said Townsville had many people who were capable of helping out police in those situations including Defence personnel. but warned people to not put themselves in danger.

“Every situation is different,” he said following the arrest of the jewel thief suspect.

“I wouldn’t like to see anyone place themselves in a position of danger.”

Footage showing the video quickly went viral among Townsville social media pages.

Mr John has been contacted for comment.

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