A royal guide to bingeing The Crown. 👑



  1. Amazing all watched have to say my best one was Mrs Kennedy and having Michael C Hall doing JFK what a choice ! As amazing as John Lithgow as Churchill. Both in Dexter! And Matthew Goode as Armstrong Jones ! Needless to say the main actors were brilliant again.

  2. Watched it all. Loved it, felt like I needed to phone the palace afterwards so I could move in, for the update since the series. Imagined Betty and Phil sat there, feet up watching the series, and Betty looking at Phil angrily…him putting his hands up saying “Lillibet, don’t get angry…it’s been a long time now. It’s over. I never loved her, it was always you…”

    On another note – Netflix. Please, please, please can we have more of Magnificent Century? People are leaving in droves to buy the series privately. Check the facebook page where they sell it.


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