A man burns an American flag as protests break out in Ramallah, West Bank, over President Donald J. Trump’s announcement to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. CNN’s Ian James Lee reports: http://cnn.it/2BJBQBb



  1. It’s like, everyone KNOWS the capital of the US is Washington, DC. No one needs to proclaim it. Can you imagine how pissed PUTIN would be, though, if the UK or China actually stood up and recognized it publicly?

  2. I wish someone would explain to me how Trump has the right to decide what the capital of another country is. Isn’t that like a foreign country deciding that they will recognize NYC as the capital of the USA. Some one needs to explain to me how the US government can do this.

  3. Please stop hating on Trump..respect him, he saved my life!.
    Earlier last year I had been in a coma for 5 years when one day my nurse came and switched the TV to his campaign, I woke up and turned it off.

  4. Trump has a fit about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem in a peaceful protest but then sparks rioting and burning of flags. It’s typical of how he handles his high office.

  5. CNN we don’t know whose side you are on but I can tell by your caption and this specific footage on this post that you are looking for more conflict. I’m a Palestinian-American and I’m not okay with anyone burning the American flag. I consider both places home. I do however condemn President Trumps actions and although I don’t think it’s okay to burn any flag I hope the viewers understand that the people are against the President and not the USA 🇵🇸🇺🇸

  6. oh who new this would happen, oh wait, most of us new this would happen, thrump thinks he is god, well he is not mine and is not my president, my president would NOT interfere is another countries business, trump seems to think he is a great deal maker, hahahahaha, NOT, how can he condemn so many to lose their freedom and land, what a deplorable man!!!!!!!

  7. Trump is the antichrist
    Trump has divided AMERICA ,now he’s dividing the Arab,s n Israel to a full scale war
    The difination of Satan n devil means liar n deceiver n Trump is a psychotic liar n deceiver
    45 has the lowest ratings ever n history of America n WORLDWIDE as well

  8. Why does CNN show this garbage??? Because they promote hate for POTUS and for the United States. They hand pick stories like this. There are millions and millions of people that are happy around the world with this event but CNN Corrupt News Network chooses to air the haters and the traitors. Another reason to take notice.

  9. As a Palestinian from Ramallah Palestine I think you didn’t see how many American flags been burned since yesterday….. Or since the occupation started…. We burned the American flag thousands of times to us it just to tell them not to interfere in our problems… But the occupation points of view any international interfere is in there own intrest so please stop this game or the world War ||| will be on soon… I also think that the American diplomat are ignorants and rhey don’t see what we are been through 70 years now we don’t have our haifa and Tel Aviv all are Palestinian cities that we don’t have access to becouse isreal took it all…. Its all to make isreal happy and An acknowledged country from 1948


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