A hilarious Shaun White video from 2006 is going viral after his win


Shaun White captured his third career Olympic halfpipe gold medal Wednesday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and as he threw down a phenomenal final run to win, an old CNN interview from 2006 started popping up again on the internet.

White, telling a story from a flight he had after winning his first gold in Turin, made a clutch save by plugging a sponsor.

White: “[They] had all seen the Games and they were just so excited to see me and they’re like ‘you have the gold?’

And I mean, like, I had unlimited, like, service after that. I was getting drinks and I was getting snacks and I was taking photos in the back with all the stewardesses…”

Interviewer: “Wait a minute. Drinks? You’re 19 years old?”

White: “I’m talking about Mountain Dews, baby.”

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